Principal’s Desk

The purpose of education imparted in our school is not merely to prepare the students for examination but for life itself. As we understand, education is not an end in itself, but rather a means to help a person to think and make decisions about ultimate values, one’s relationships with God, one’s personal goal and one’s commitment to others. Irrespective of caste, code and creed, everyone is given equal opportunity to be a beneficiary of this institute.

The integral formation of the human person is what we envisage in all our CMI educational institutions. A school needs the support, assistance, cooperation and participation, understanding and appreciation from all its stakeholders for the realization of this goal.

It is an extensive and tough voyage to accomplish the vision and mission of St. Mary’s school as is uttered by the CMIs. Whatever we do Saint Mary is Part of this expedition.

Fr. Joby Thomas CMI
Saint Mary's School, Chotila